Wrap up or lose out.

Imagine if you could all but guarantee that just under 3 million people could see an advert for your business.

To put that number into context, an area with that many people would be the third largest population and the second most populated area in the UK.

But there’s no need to imagine those people, because they exist, and you’re missing out on selling your business to them.

“Alright then, where are they?” you’re probably thinking.

Greater Manchester of course, ‘Jewel of the North’.

At least we like to think so, but we’re based in Salford Quays so we might be a bit biased.

But the question remains, how would you reach that many people?

If you were to use a print or online advertising campaign to get your business in front of that many people, you’ll be paying thousands, if not tens of thousands and sadly, not all of us have the cash.

But advertising your business to large groups of people isn’t that hard.

It’s as simple as getting your van wrapped in your brand, and driving around.

That’s not a metaphor either.

Whether it’s job to job, on your way back home or orbiting the M60.

Every single car, pedestrian, bus and lorry that passes you, will automatically see your business branding.
And the best part is, seeing your vehicle, amongst hundreds of other ones is a part of everyone’s day to day life. It’s not like your advert is an annoying pop up on a website.

Or an irritating video advert just as something good happens on the telly.

Which means it won’t rub your potential customers up the wrong way, but still stand out.

Because professional, colourful and attention grabbing vehicle wraps and signage stick in people’s memories.

Which means that whether you’re a tradesperson or a bakery delivery service, when that potential customer needs to find a supplier like you – they will remember seeing you out and about.

Besides, think about it like this.

If you see a business vehicle driving around, you know they’re literally going about their business.

Which means you’ll be thinking that “well people already use them” which does its part in lending that business some trust and reputation straight away.

It also means you can tap into that wonderful Manchester “local appeal”.Because it’s not just nicer to work with a local business.

It does its part to help them survive, in an increasing era of huge global corporate business taking everything they can.

And for the sake of a low, one off price

You’ll get years of free advertising that will attract more customers in an area you already serve, who are more likely to support local business, and give you not just their money. But their loyalty too.

So next time you’re by Salford Quays, or you have a spare few minutes, give us a call or an email.

Get in touch, and see the benefits of what we can do for your businesses advertising.

So you can focus on the customers you’ll get, rather than trying to find them on your own.