This week, a customer expressed surprise (in a pleased way) with the way his van looked when “wrapped”. He expected it to look good he said, as he’s seen our work, but he didn’t expect it to be great.

Made us happy, of course.

His smile came from smaller details – the fact that the graphics were designed and installed with door openings, petrol caps and handles in mind. It’s a bespoke service and one we take great pride in.

That’s the difference between us and non-bespoke vehicle wrap companies.

We can all boot up an iPad, a Phone and head on Safari to see what a jungle the market is out there (see what we did there?) You can Google “vehicle wraps”, “vehicle graphics” and have some company design and supply stickers for your Transit or T3.


Installing them is not as easy as it looks! And if you crease, tear or misalign them, you’re stuck. You don’t have a dedicated team and workshop with vinyls and printers close to hand to sort out. You do get what you pay for, in life and business.

An analogy we like to use at Manchester Van Signs is that of the screen protector. You know, when you get a £1000 Samsung or iPhone, you consider applying a screen protector, buy some and fit them.

Now you might be an absolute dab hand with this and perfectly align this plastic rectangle of film with no bubbles, no scruffy edges and no smudges under the surface. Or you may be imperfect like many of the population and make a pig’s ear of applying it and try a second.

The difference though is huge.

Firstly, screen protectors are fairly cheap to buy. You mess up? Get two more for a fiver.

Secondly, few people will see your phone screen when doing business and make a value judgement on it. Ok a shattered screen wouldn’t instil confidence in new customers who you’re pitching your services to, but a badly applied protector may not even be noticed by anyone (except you).

Thirdly, screen shapes and sizes are limited in numbers. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro share the same screen real estate, for example. Very few vans share the same surface real estate and unlike, a screen protector of transparent plastic, your vehicle graphics are there to showcase what products and services you offer.

Finally, as fourthly sounds a bit cumbersome, people will make a value judgement on your works vehicle. If you turn up to price new windows, new flooring in a van professionally wrapped by us in Salford, you will impress. Your prospective buyers will spot it and their neighbours – it’s why when a For Sale sign goes up in a street, the next one will probably be with the same agent. People see static marketing – and your van, unlike a For Sale sign, moves and will get more eyeballs as it’s on the East Lancs road, Bury New Road or M60.

If you want to stand out from the crowd in your business niche, make your van outstanding with bespoke vehicle graphics from Manchester Van Signs.

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