In a Hurry? Wrap a Lorry

Is there a worse feeling for a business owner like you than parting hands with your hard earned cash on advertising that just doesn’t work?

It always ends up costing too much, and lasting for only a few weeks.

Sure you might get some leads, but eventually it all stops and you have to start again.

A billboard alone can cost hundreds at the best prices and thousands at a standard cost, that can be an eye-watering amount for businesses.

But imagine if you could have a fleet of billboards that could drive around and advertise your business for you?

Not a little billboard like you’d see in Oldham or Rochdale  town centre.

But one of those huge ones on the sides of the M60 or as you approach, for example, Manchester city centre.

It would get a lot of attention wouldn’t it?

Well this fleet of billboards already exists, and the best part is, this isn’t the latest idea from a billboard company trying to push more products. (But if they try it, you saw it here first folks)

For a low, one-off price per lorry, you can transform your entire fleet of lorries into billboards with brand and signage wrapping.

And the best part is, unlike sticking a normal billboard onto a chassis, the way you use your vehicles doesn’t have to change!

It just makes them more attractive, more eye-grabbing and keeps the vehicle better protected from dings, scrapes and pigeons with digestive trouble.

Oh, and each vehicle you wrap will permanently advertise your business, wherever it goes.

And where could be a better place to continually advertise a local business than Greater Manchester?

Every street, road, dual carriageway or motorway is a potential advertising space for your lorries, the M60 alone is 58km long!

The bigger the lorry, the bigger your “Billboard”, which means you’ll grab people’s attention, and they’re more likely to use you.

You’re also guaranteed an audience

After all, we can choose to ignore adverts in the paper or install an ad blocker on our internet browsers.
But driving in and out of Manchester?

Day in day out?

You can’t help but notice the HGV you pass in the outside lane, and that HGV is advertising real estate you could be taking advantage of!

And the benefits continue even when you park up, either to fuel up, make a delivery or work a day long job.

Every pedestrian, local resident and vehicle driving past will see your advertising. Which is why we say it’s your very own portable billboard!

So save time on your advertising and customer attraction, nip down to Salford Quays where we’re based.
Because you and your business can start reaping all of these rewards.

Gift wrapped, in the form of your own.